Who we are?

Our Origin Story

When The Buzz Media Company came into existence, the digital world was running wild, free but certainly not young.

The year was 2020 and the world around us was facing an unprecedented situation. However, another thing that was doing the rounds was- digital. Classes went online, work meant sitting at home in front of your laptops, meeting friends meant hours long video calls.

We had to be this. While brands were online, showcasing their creative prowess, it was the small businesses which needed to be a part of this festival called internet.

We were determined to provide every possible service to our partners (nope, not clients), with minimum clutter and maximum results. We were young, we were broke and we were hungry to create an impact and to make a Buzz.

So, here we are. A team of creative die-hards and growth enthusiasts, building ideas that make businesses go “Dayyyumnn”.

You make businesses, we spot the Buzz in it. 

We ❤️ our Clients

Our clients are unique and we want you to join them as well. We will create something special only you need to trust us.

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